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Flamenco Shows

Best flamenco venues in Spain

Flamenco is an expressive Spanish dance – not to be confused with the flamingo bird (different spelling)…

For a short list of the best flamenco shows in the biggest cities in Spain – visit this website:

Flamenco show

What is Flamenco?

The art of the flamenco started during the Spanish Inquisition, when many people fled to the relative safety of the Andalucia mountains. 

In these secluded communities, the haunted Arabs, Jews, Christians, and Gypsies, interacted with each other peacefully to produce a blended cultural phenomenon known as ‘flamenco’ – an intense and emotionally liberating form of dance.

Flamenco dance features themes of death, injustice, desolation, lost love and the quest for freedom.  Flamenco is made up of four elements, Cante (Voice), Baile (Dance), Toque (Guitar), and Jaleo, which roughly translates to “hell raising” and involves the hand-clapping, foot stomping, and shouts of encouragement associated with flamenco.

While in Spain, take the opportunity to see an authentic flamenco show! Enjoy an evening of dance and gastronomy at one of the many flamenco tablaos (special venues), where you can have a drink, sample some tapas, or even dine on some full-blown Spanish cuisine.

There are obviously many options for Flamenco in Spain and depending on where you are planning to travel, we can suggest the best venue and check with them for availability on your behalf (this is a service provided to our guests only).  If you prefer to book directly then use this website which lists the best venues in Barcelona, Madrid, Cordoba, and Seville:

Enjoy the show!

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