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Travel Advice for visiting Spain


General advice – before you go 

Make copies of your important documents and store them separately from your originals (in a different suitcase or in the ‘cloud’)

Call your mobile phone provider to ‘unlock’ your phone to international use and consider purchasing an international data package

Call your credit card company to ‘unlock’ your card to international use and find out about fees in the countries you are about to visit

Check your Passport expiration date

Buy travel insurance.  Make a list of items you will be bringing (such as electronics), include serial numbers, makes, and models, and take photos of your items to show your insurance company should anything be lost or stolen


Stay Safe in Spain

Spain is safe when it comes to violent crime.  Unfortunately, it is very “dangerous” in terms of petty theft.  If you’re not constantly on guard, you’ll have something stolen.  Remember, nearly all crimes suffered by travelers are nonviolent and avoidable.

Wear a money belt.  This is where you put anything you really don’t want to lose.

Leave your valuables in the hotel.  Lock your laptop, tablet, luxury items, extra cash and credit card in your hotel room safe.  If you don’t really need it – don’t take it with you.

Don’t leave your valuables vulnerable.  At cafés, don’t place your phone or wallet on the tabletop where it can be snatched – it will be.

Make it harder for the thieves.  Thieves choose their targets on the basis of how difficult it is to steal from you.  Even a minor obstacle can be an effective deterrent and they will simply move on to the next victim. If you’re sitting down, loop a strap of your daypack around your arm, leg, or chair.  Lock your zippers or simply use a paperclip.  Even the smallest inconvenience to a thief would be sufficient in most cases to make them look elsewhere.  You don’t need to make your bag impossible to get into, just harder to breach than the next guy’s.  Make it clear to anyone looking that you’ve come prepared.

Beware of scams. Go on instant alert anytime there’s a commotion, it is likely a smokescreen for theft. Imaginative thieves will create a disturbance (a messy spill, a stumble, a fight) to distract you.  Don’t get distracted!  Walk away and hold on to your valuables with extra care.

Be on guard in bus and train stations.  Always be in physical contact with your belongings.  Wear your daypack in front.  Try to avoid busy escalators.  Be careful at bus stations when entering the bus with a crowd.

Keep the claim ticket in your money belt if you check your luggage.  Thieves know just where to go if they get hold of one of these.

Don’t lose it. Travelers are more likely to lose their bags than to have them stolen. Don’t forget to check under your pillow in your hotel room, look in the overhead storage on the bus before you leave, and take your bag after stopping for lunch.

Don’t be paranoid… be prepared. If you keep alert, you’ll keep your valuables too.  The vast majority of visitors to Spain do not experience any incidents.  We just want to make sure you are part of the 99%!


Lastly –  make sure you enjoy your holiday and don’t fall victim to online scams. Please only book your activities with genuine and licensed companies. There are many websites selling various activities in Spain and you need to be careful that you are dealing with a genuine licensed business.  Ensure you are booking with a genuine Tour Operator by checking with ASTA (the American Society of Travel Advisors) which is the main body supervising travel companies worldwide. Just as you would not jump into any car at the airport and only get into a licensed taxi, we recommend you book only with a genuine travel company.


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